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Welcome to ProjectMIDI.

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ProjectMIDI is my personal software project designed to provide extensible control of my MIDI devices in a live performance environment. The purpose of this project is to build software which will integrate the latest, readily available technologies into a leading edge MIDI setup for live performance.

ProjectMIDI is in its 3rd incarnation. The latest version requires .NET 2.0, and is incompatible with assemblies created for previous versions. I'm doing this for fun, and will be sharing it with others free of charge.

MIDI provides a common interface that allows interconnecting a vast array of electronic devices. Getting those devices working cooperatively is an entirely different story. This project aims to provide a solution to that specific problem.

I'm hoping that other programming hobbyists will be interested in writing their own assemblies to extend the project. That is why I am making it open and extensible, and documenting how the pieces work and interact with each other. I'm working primarily in VS2005 C#, but I believe that other .NET languages could be used also.

One of my key design points is to provide an architecture and function in the core assemblies that makes it very simple to create additional functional assemblies. This will make it easy to add support for other MIDI devices.

To dive right in using ProjectMidi, you can download the code from the downloads page.

For a quick course on using ProjectMidi, refer to the tutorial page.