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Why am I doing Project MIDI?

I am a musician and a programmer. I love doing both. Frankly, I probably enjoy the technology more than just the musical aspects of playing. I'm happiest with a control panel with a whole bunch of knobs that make sound...

That said, I've never found any software that really allows me to use much of the capability of my MIDI equipment in a live performance environment. Sure, some things can be done using programs like Cakewalk Sonar or Tascam Gigastudio. But whenever I use one of these programs, I'm usually left wanting to do more. I'm very familiar with what MIDI hardware can do, and I want to be able to exploit that capability. I've started writing this software to take advantage of the MIDI hardware that I own.

I also want others to participate if they feel so inclined. Refer to the developer pages if you are interested in participating, or if you are just curious about the technical details of how all this is implemented.

What's in it for me?

I'm hoping to accomplish several things with this effort:

  1. Build myself a really cool toy

    And have a lot of fun in the process.

  2. Advance the state of MIDI

    This sounds a bit pretentious, but why not?

  3. Interact with other like-minded folks

    There are quite a few folks that enjoy tinkering with MIDI. I've pretty much lost touch with most of them due to job changes and so forth, but maybe now I can start interacting with the MIDI community again.

  4. Maybe pick up a few percs

    Maybe the MMA will give me an honorary lifetime membership. Maybe some MIDI companies will contact me to contract with them to build specific Device Modules. Maybe they'll provide me with new MIDI toys to do so ;-)

Why don't I try to market this?

Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt. As much as I love making this stuff, I equally dislike running a company.

Image of a church bulletin

I'm thinking maybe I'll just tie this in with my Christianity. I know most folks don't read the license agreement when installing software. You might want to look at this one though. It says something along the lines of "I agree to be a better person" and some other unusual stuff like that.

If you do happen to go to church, please let me know. Better yet, send me a bulletin.