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Using ProjectMIDI for Live Performance

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Now that you've installed and connected Project MIDI, and collected some songs into a set, it's time to use it for live performance.

Automating paging operations

You can use context menus to flip pages, but they are a bit clumsy to use. It will work better if you can assign a MIDI input.

If all you have available is a single MIDI button, then you can use the Advance action. This action will sequentially advance through each patch, page, and song. You'll still need to use a context menu if you need to backup, but typically you only need to advance during a set.

I have a foot-switch on my TD8 that advances the program-change MIDI event. The TD8 Assembly maps the program-change to the "Inc/Dec Button" event. By mapping this event to the Advance action, I can use both the Inc and Dec buttons as well as a footswitch to page through all of the songs in a set.

If you have a 2nd button available, you can assign the Backup event which does just the opposite of the Advance action.

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Even better, if you have a MIDI slider or knob, you can use it to dial-in the desired song.