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Installing Project MIDI

Project MIDI Installation Welcome Dialog Once you've downloaded and unzipped the Project MIDI package to your computer, you're ready to start the installation. run the setup.exe and you'll be presented with the installer Welcome dialog.

Project MIDI Installation License Dialog Select Next. The license agreement is displayed. You need to agree to become a better person in order to continue.

Project MIDI Installation Folder Dialog

Select Next. You'll be given a chance to change the default installation folder location. By default, all files will be installed under C:\Program Files\ProjectMIDI.

Select the Change... button if you want to select a different location.

Project MIDI Installation Type Dialog

Select Next. Select whether to install everything or to be presented with a list of features to choose from.

I recommend selecting Custom because the list of features is getting pretty long. It is OK to install everything though.

Project MIDI Installation Features Dialog

Select Next. This will display a list of the included assemblies to choose from. You probably do not want both TIFF and PDF, so deselect on of them.

PDF requires that you have the full version of Acrobat installed.

INK requires that you are running on a tablet PC.

Project MIDI Installation Ready Dialog

Select Next. At this point, everything should be ready to install.

Project MIDI Installing Dialog

Select Next. Installation should go quickly.

Project MIDI Install Complete Dialog

Select Next. You can choose whether to launch Project MIDI now.

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