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Things that you can do with ProjectMIDI

I use ProjectMIDI each Sunday while drumming and playing keyboards for my church band. Here are some of the things that I'm currently doing with this software:

Picture of ProjectMidi window
  1. Display sheet music or lyric sheets during live performance.

    I scan my music and use this software to display it during performance. I have a small tablet PC that mounts to my drum kit as shown in the banner image at the top of this page. Look closely and you'll see the table pc mounted between the crash and hihat. I use MIDI to flip pages, advance songs, and set the drum patches for each song. I can program any of the drum triggers to do this, but I usually use the TD8's Inc/Dec buttons or a foot switch.

  2. Organize songs into sets.

    This allows me to easily advance from song to song during a gig.

  3. Set patches for each song and/or page

    When 'flipping pages' as described above, this sets the voicing of each of my midi instruments for each song and page. I can assign different drum sounds to my pads based on the requirements of each individual song and page.

  4. Annotate my music using the Tablet PC's Stylus

    This is probably my favoriate feature. Picture of Ink toolbar I simply write on the tablet over the displayed music to make performance notes. The software then saves this and displays it each time that I display that page.

  5. Play an associated MP3 file

    Sometimes during practice we need to hear the Picture of MP3 toolbar original recording to get a part down. I can record an MP3 file of the song and associate it with the music. All I need to do is hit a play button while displaying that song. I can also use this to practice with the song.

  6. Support for my US428 Control Surface Picture of US-428

    This thing has a lot of controls. The Project MIDI Input/Action Connnectionarchitecture allows mapping any control to any supported ProjectMIDI action.

  7. Quickly assign drum sounds to any pad

    Although I tend to use the same kits for most songs, I often want to reassign one or two pads for a unique sound. I can use the TD8's controls to do this, but it is complicated and slow, and changes get easily lost. Using this program makes it quick and easy, and my changes will be remembered for the next time I display the song.