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Song Sets, Songs, Pages, and Patches

ProjectMIDI organizes music into Song Sets, Songs, Pages, and Patches.


Sets are a collection of songs. You can group songs together any way you like. Typically this would be a set of songs to be played at a particular gig. Alternatively, it can be songs of a particular theme, or by an artist, etc.


A song is the basic unit of organization. Each of the assemblies in ProjectMIDI typically associate a group of settings with each song. This could be for example a mapping of sounds to keyboard zones or drum pads.


Songs can be divided up into pages. Each page can have its own sounds and settings associated with it.


Pages can be further divided up into Patches. This would be done for example if you wanted to have different sounds associated with a verse and a chorus, but both of those appeard on the same sheet music page.

Managing Sets

Sets are selected using the Set toolbar.

Image of Set Toolbar

Selecting a Set

To select an existing set, use the dropdown combobox on the Set toolbar.

Creating a New Set

To create a new set, use the dropdown combobox on the Set toolbar to select "New".

Saving Changes to a Set

Song sets are saved in files in the sets folder. These can then be reloaded at a later time for reuse. If you make changes to a "new" set, you will be prompted to provide a name for the set prior to loading another set or exiting the program.

Set Files

A set is a file contained in the sets folder. Each set file contains a list of song folder names.