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Future Plans for ProjectMIDI

I already have a growing list of other things I want to be able to do with ProjectMIDI. This is a the main reason that I have designed it to be easily extensible.

Some of the things I want to be able to do in the future

Here are some of the things that I want to add to Project MIDI over the next year:

  1. Wireless network MIDI devices

    It should be pretty simple to network multiple instances of Project MIDIacross a wireless (or any for that matter) network. I don't know how wellthis would work for timing critical events like Note Ons, but it certainly should work for controls and adjustments like the following item.

  2. Automatic tempo click-in

    I'd like to think that I have perfect tempo memory, but sometimes I don't. And sometimes the band accuses me of changing tempos. It would be cool to save the tempo of the song, and trigger an automatic click-in at that tempo. I can always chose whether or not to use it, but it would be there if needed.

  3. Automatically detect Tempo

    I've already started on this assembly. It will monitor my drum playing and calculate the tempo of what I'm playing. It will then display the tempo in large numbers semi-transparently over the music. This should help me keep constant tempo, and know if/when I'm speeding up (what, a drummer speed up?).

  4. DDX3216 Mixer Console Remote Control

    Our mixing console is a DDX3216 digital mixer which can be controlledcompletely by MIDI. It would be convenient to be able to display a control panelon my tablet which could be used to make minor monitor settings. Since the distancefrom the band to the mixer is at the outer range of MIDI cables, the above wirelessapproach would probably be needed.

  5. Scripting Support

    I'm looking into adding scripting support. This will allow using VBScript, and potentially other scripting languages such as Python, to modify or process events.

  6. Scanner Support

    Quite often I need to scan music for a weekly line-up. This involves several steps to scan and then copy and name the newly scanned file. Depending on the scanner driver support available, it can be a hassle to create the correct multi-page format. I'd like to roll all these operations into a single step that can be invoked directly from the SongSet dialog.

This list just keeps growing. Some things turn out to be pretty easy, and sometimes they turn out to be difficult. One of the main problems that I've run into in the past is the result of trying to make a single program that can do everything. After a little while, the program becomes too big to maintain, and too easy to break when adding new features.

That's why I am implementing Project MIDI using a Modular Approach.

Minor Changes List

This is my todo list of minor bugs and usability changes:

  1. Improve error handling when loading assemblies
  2. Progress dialog during startup
  3. Input Sys-Ex support

    This is partially implemented now. The TD8 module is able to receive a response to the identity request.