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ProjectMIDI Application Installer

This is a .NET 2.0 program, so you will need to have the .NET 2.0 runtime installed on your system. The installer will automatically download and install the .NET 2.0 runtime after prompting you.

    ProjectMIDI Installer

Additional Assembly Installation

Select and download any of the following assemblies. Then unzip them and copy the .dll file to the Assemblies folder in the folder where you installed ProjectMidi.

Tablet PC Ink Assembly

In order to use the Ink assembly you will need to either be running on Windows XP Tablet Edition or have installed the Tablet SDK. Download and unzip the ink assembly below, then copy it to the ProjectMIDI assemblies folder.

    Ink Assembly

MP3 Assembly

This assembly provides the ability to associate an MP3 file with a song. It provides playback for playback of the file.

    MP3 Assembly

US-428 Assembly

This assembly provides support for the Tascam US-428 control surface.

    US-428 Assembly

XP30 Assembly

This assembly provides support for the Roland XP30 keyboard.

    XP30 Assembly

Source Code

I'm making the source code available "as-is". Use it at your own risk.

The latest source code is located here.

I won't promise any support for it. I also warn you that it is in a constant state of change, so most likely will contain things that aren't described on the web pages.