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ProjectMIDI Interfaces

ProjectMIDI makes extensive use of Interfaces. These interfaces are defined publicly within the ProjectMidi.exe file.

Interfaces implemented by ProjectMidi.exe

The following interfaces are implemented by ProjectMidi.exe for use by other assemblies:

Interfaces which can be implemented by assemblies

The following interfaces are implemented by assemblies:

Other interfaces

The following interfaces are passed or returned as parameters of the above interfaces:


This interface represents a loaded assembly.

  #using ProjectMidiNS

  public interface IPMAssembly
    PMPropertyInfoCollection Properties { get; }
    PMMethodInfoCollection   Methods { get; }
    PMEventInfoCollection    Events { get; }
    PMActionInfoCollection   Actions { get; }
    Assembly                 Asm { get; }
    string                   Name { get; }
    string                   FilePath { get; }
    IProjectMidi             IProjMidi { get; }


This is a collection of all loaded assemblies. It is obtained using the IProjectMidiParentConnections interface.

  #using ProjectMidiNS

  public interface IPMAssemblyCollection : ICollection, IEnumerable {}