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Directory Structure

Image of directory structure

ProjectMIDI assumes the directory structure shown.


This is the top level folder. The user can specify the name and location of this folder. ProjectMIDI will persist the location of this folder to
The first time that ProjectMIDI runs it will prompt the user for this path and persist it to the above registry key.


This folder is used by the Ink applet to save each individual page of Ink notations. Each file is associated with either the PDF or the TIFF applet as indicated by the beginning of the filename. The last few characters indicate the particular page number.


Applet DLLs need to be placed here in order for ProjectMIDI to find them.


Device Modules need to be placed in this directory.


This is for a future Applet which will allow playing an MP3 associated with the currently displayed music.


This is where the Song Set files go. It can contain subdirectories to help organize large libraries of song sets. These must have the file extension ".set".


The PDF Applet will look in this folder for PDF files (*.pdf) matching the song name.


The TIFF Applet will look in this folder for TIFF (*.tif) files matching the song name.


This folder is used by the TD8 Device Module to save patch information.